Remembrance Day

On this poignant 11th day of this 11th month at this 11th hour may we hold in prayer all those whom war has so mercilessly taken.. may their sacrifice awaken us …to the pressing need for peace…..

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A Bright New Day: Pages From A Tresco Sketchbook

“Hold to the light and do not waver and let your life be one to savour” Au

A Bright New Day

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View From Neptune Steps: Pages From A Tresco Diary

Abbey Gardens, Isle Of Tresco

These are gardens of the heart… with visions and wonders which impart…. a sense of grace and gratitude too…for the privilege of being here to view.. and lovingly create… art which resonates with soul and mind…that one may joyfully journey with the sublime……may your day feel true aligned….as you walk “the paths of wonder”…

View From Neptune Steps

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A Passing Storm: Pages From A Tresco Sketchbook

After the storm..the shared joys of a peace filled moment. Whilst out painting on the beach below..a passing hail storm had me scurrying for the shelter of the Island Hotel.. availing me of the opportunity to make this colourful study in my sketchbook..thanks for the storm..for in its passing it left a wondrous light…may your day too be peaceful and light filled:-)

Island Hotel After The Rain

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Early Evening : Pages From A Tresco Diary

A day of scintillant light and new found friends.. so heavenly sent and most joyously spent…
Wishing you a day of bright inspirations..and new found friends….

The Blockhouse Cottages

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Nature’s Timeless Play: Northcott Theatre Exeter

This view overlooks New Grimsby on the beautiful Island of Tresco..
I love to paint from this beautiful coign of vantage..or sometimes simply
to meditate.. contemplate or write.

Autumn On Tresco

There are places in one’s life which touch the soul and fill the mind.. calling the heart back time and again, one such place for me is Tresco, in the Isles Of Scilly. In my exhibition at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter,which opens this evening… it features prominently, a sub tropical paradise off the coast of Cornwall, England..I hope my video gives you some sense of its magic. The music is Fingal’s Cave by Felix Mendelssohn..which for me captures something of Tresco’s mystery and romance…and of Nature’s Timeless Play…

Tresco A Sunset Song

“Evocations of serenity enfolds my heart as I stand on Appletree Bay
coruscations of colour play through my enchanted eyes
bathing in pools of light delicious beyond compare
such warmth gilds my being as wrapped with angelic feathers
joy assails my senses through the drama of a vibrant arcing sun
the scene it doth unfold its riches as a banquet such a feast
renewing in its content of divine inspiriting vibrations
as seamlessness of sky and sea mirror the eternal dance within
a passing yacht’s red sails ablaze to the setting sun’s wild fire
the weary crew almost home I sense their gratefulness
with a smile I turn and ponder on the nature of this day
of the paintings made and friends met as strangers just hours before
such sense of joy and gentle familiarity in the greeting of new folk
the mellifluous mewing of a sharpening wind breaks me from my reverie
as a hail storm brews from nowhere and hits me with a clatter
I so delight in nature and her occasional capricious ways
she treats me with a rough familiarity then ply’s me with her charms
for the storm soon passes just as they do in life I move through
capering grasses walking with a peaceful ease as the
gentle alchemy of a fulsome moon opens me with her charms
heart and soul enchanted by the harmony of the spheres
as nature works with one accord to meld into this sacred isle
enchantment to enchantment ..”Au

Grace and Gratitude

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A Jewel In The Landscape St. Nicholas Church : Pages From A Tresco Sketchbook

This view always brings me back, tender and welcoming, with St.Nicholas Church and the Round Island lighthouse in the distance.. bright beacons for my day… such a pleasant way to sketch a moment..with the church always welcoming.. when I am painting along the beaches there.. a shelter from passing storms..literally and metaphorically..a sanctuary ..indeed…..may your Sunday feel wonderfully blessed…:-)

St. Nicholas Church

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