Life’s Eureka Moments With Updated Video


To look into the feathers spread… and sense yourself so guided led… to see the vanity in the form…. and know appearances can suborn…a clouded mind…. a misled heart ….when we are not mindful of this fact…… so go within…… and there you’ll find…… a place where all of beauty shines……..for a……

……Eureka Moment

“Ever there is a moment of divine understanding that there is life in death and death in life live dispassionately for neither and from this sacred place of knowing thee will thrive all life from this place reveals itself through beauty no matter what it wears as outer guise this capacity to discern from deep within brings grace to all you say and do the truth of which will ever ring you like a bell a sacred lantern lit from a sacred place of non judgement to all of life brings fruits of delicious disposition a cornucopia to share with all of life a peaceful surrender grows ever within us manifesting a sublime touch to all who share our being as light and laughter play between us and our differences dissolve with one heartfelt in this special moment we are guided to an eternal view and subtle appreciation for the new ways of perception that arise from somewhere deep inside grateful in the richness of their beauty held spellbound by the magic of their world we live together melded in divine harmony blessed ever by angels and wise brethren. All blessings on thy journey may it ever unfold from a place of harmony and joy..” Au

Grace and Gratitude


About Alasdair Urquhart Artist and Poet

I am an Artist, Painter, Writer, Poet , Illustrator, Professional Creative Since I was a young child, the exploration of my universe, has been through mark making. Through the innocence of this process, I found a means of communication with others.......a point of contact. Plants, Animals, People, Birds , Insects....... The Cosmos itself............... ..began to be revealed, before my wide, curious eyes. It opened my life, my heart, my mind, something......... fundamental, was touched deep within me, each and every time. Always new....... It was alchemy.... It was beautiful..... I felt my spirit soar........for I had found, A Universal language. For Man it has ever been thus; since earliest times, it has been one of our most basic modes of interaction. Art, draws on the essence of Nature, the Universe itself; connecting us to her rhythms and illimitable moods. When Ancient Man made marks on cave walls it was to reveal to their peers, the mysteries of also its practicalities; for the need for interdependence in daily duties, if they were to survive.......... never mind thrive. Today, there has never been a greater need for Art. Art celebrates all of the senses; giving the body balance and harmony, the soul and mind, a sense of belonging. In the natural world, the function of each organism is to realise its fullest potentialities - - that is its fundamental ethos. We have a need, and duty, to create a Society in which, each one of us, has a chance to develop, their creative abilities to the fullest, in a caring, nurturing environment. We need to redefine our vision of how we wish the world to be ...... The eternal moment is now. for our world is perishing through this very lack. Art works on the inner and the outer senses. Our children are the future! Unless they are nurtured and esteemed through the Arts the present behavioural poverty in our Society will continue to spiral down........." How would you describe your style of art? It is an internal response to the energies passing through me in the Eternal Now. it has a figurative, colourful element which is a partial response to the visual impressions received. It is a synthesis of all of my senses. ..especially of Intuition and Knowing ....those most internal of journey senses. Describe one of your paintings: It is a portrait of a child...Leela....aged three Her Grandmother commissioned it. My brief was to capture the essence of her nature... before her elfin quality, was lost, to social patterning, and conditioning, which commences, when a child begins to name things.... and their relationship with the essence of an object is lost. She is situated in her garden, a wonderful space, which has a Narnia feel to it. It has been developed over a period of months. On each visit I am growing more empathic to the little one's vision and journey. How do you decide on your subject matter? It decides for me :-) It is an internal process.. a beat begins , an upsurge of energy, taste , touch, smell.. ..all the senses are heightened. I feel gently led .... the internal process is partly rationalized by discerning these feelings, articulating them.... often first in words.... free associations help the fluency, patterns emerge.... ..often unexpectedly ..I love it ...a dance begins and I am led...lovingly on a new journey..... ....always different:) Many of my paintings depict richly detailed scenes and reflect my own deep interest in the lives of people and their work. I believe that..... Lives are not ordinary – all our lives and the way we live them and interact with our environment are important. I hold up a mirror to people and situations. Due to the sale of the previous lovely studio..I have had a beautiful new studio built in my garden.. I am invited out to paint on Tresco, the Isles Of Scilly; The famed sub-tropical Abbey Gardens, and wonderfully diverse geography of this sacred Isle always provide a rich vein of inspiration for me. I spend a lot of time on Dartmoor painting the scenes and wildlife, and on and by the rivers Exe, Teign and Dart in Devon. In Cornwall, I enjoy exploring the coves and cliff paths, the beaches and Ports. Another of my loves is rural France. Initially invited over by Monaco Fine Arts in the early 90’s to paint the scenery of Southern France and Northern Italy; I developed a love of the area and spend as much time as possible exploring and painting in the wine regions particularly. I studied at Dundee College of Art from 1974.... finishing my postgraduate studies there in 1979. I won scholarships from the British Council to Budapest Fine Art Academy, and the Elizabeth Greenshield scholarship twice from Montreal, Canada. I have been exhibited at the Scottish Royal Watercolour Society, the Royal Watercolour Society, and the Royal Institute. Also in numerous galleries in towns across England, Scotland and Wales. My work has also been exhibited and in private collections in Europe, America, Canada and Japan. I have received sponsorship from Rosenstiel’s Fine Art Publishers, London, residencies at Grizedale, and Farringdon. My paintings have been published by Rosenstiel’s, Medici and Parnassus.
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3 Responses to Life’s Eureka Moments With Updated Video

  1. Bhraonáin Kerr Nelson says:

    The feather spread twas noisy. ‘n then har plooms twa ma. I ken da bird a fairy. ‘n then a twa ‘n ma! Awful … I gave it good go!

  2. Good morning……sometimes it feels that every morning is a Eureka moment…..launching the heart into an eternal moment when we turn our whole being toward the Beloved. When I click on your painting, and it spreads out on the monitor with light and color exploding in everything ….making itself known….I feel the tears….for going within opens the precious sanctuary where the divine dwells within all life. A treasure chest full of riches……..a tree full of jewels……..a proud peacock with an inner beauty that flows from a divine source….I am forever humbled by the revelations of spirit…..however they appear! Paintings are wonderfully touchable. I love the smell, and love to touch the texture of the paint…the medium that captures the vision. God must be in the paint as well. (smiling)

    • Good morning…every day is indeed an opportunity to experience..a “Eureka Moment”…thank you kindly for the depth and range of your are a fine empathic soul…with an expressive command of language…which makes you a delight to correspond with…grace and gratitude….

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