Times Past: My Grizedale Residency

Grizedale Article 1
Grizedale Article 2

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Give Art For Christmas

Alasdair Urquhart – Give Art For Christmas

Private Viewing Tonight! You are most welcome:-)
20/11/2014 6pm-9pm

Gloss Gallery
Barnfield Crescent
United Kingdom
Dates and Times
21/11/2014 to 18/01/2015
Thursday 9.30-5.30, Friday 9.30-6pm, Saturday 9.30-6pm,Sunday 10-5pm

21/11/2014 to 18/01/2015

I will be exhibiting in this mixed exhibition, a range of colourful artworks in watercolour, pastel and oil, including images from my Flamenca Dancers series which I am developing.

Flamenca Dancer with upraised arms for Gloss Gallery

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Vibrations On A Higher Key

“Vibrations on a higher key bring to life a subtlety
of harmonic range which we can touch through
visions brushed by sweet inspirations melodious
rush so bringing loving succour to our gaze as the
wonder of this rhythmic phase imparts our days with
the vibrant ways which brings such solace
with its rhyme of grace and loving compassion
enthusing us in dramatic fashion to regain
our flagging joy filled passions and with
love and light our standards bright
we shine for all the joy of Life
as friends in deed..”Au

Grace and gratitude

Picture 1041

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Growing A Better World…..

All that empowers…. is accomplished through the Grace and Love of
the Divine within All of Life… which moves through us sacredly
reflecting the abundance and beauty that is ever there.

When we slip the veil of ego illusion..which would keep us on our
mortal nature’s knees….. through sacred sharing..with all of
Life….we honour the Divine within each other..and grow…

‘A Better World For You And Me’……



Sun Rising Over The Logan Rock oil

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Force Of Nature

May your creative spark shine brightly this day:-)

Ex Living Article on My Northcott exhib 001Ex Living Mag My Northcott Theatre Exhib 001

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Wishing You A Timeless Walk Through A Celestial Garden

A Celestial Garden

Celestial Gardens picture

“Walking in quiet reverie with the fragrance
of the rose suspending senses scattering
them as petals upon the wind holding timeless
visions through the infinite divine enfolded
by scented essences as the mystery of their
magic leads us on myriad sublime adventures
through their heartfelt distilled charms
pervading our memories holding our hearts
in thrall as we meander through ageless
celestial gardens captivated by all love
filled sensations as sensuous blooms
inspire heart and mind to raptures rich
we walk as one harmonious in movement
serenely refined all grace aligned we glide
through elegant arches witnessing subtle
ranges of silvered tones all colours
infused with shades sublime as we
capture our thoughts on gossamer
threads so ephemeral in their purity
and allure so blessed are we in
this Divine rose filled
Celestial garden ..”Au

Celestial Gardens picture

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Society Rides In A Carousel Fashion

Society rides in a Carousel fashion… consuming all with its spinning passions..
as the ups and downs of its daily grind… take us from our peace of mind ..which way to turn to find our grace….only within can we find this space….

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